Bogged Down Shuffling Your Legal Papers?
Freedom awaits when you learn to use PDFs.


I’m a busy lawyer who discovered that PDFs have amazing powers for organizing information. Now, I teach my fellow lawyers to be more efficient with PDFs as well.

Why should you want to improve your PDF skills?

Well, the Industrial Age is over. Welcome to the Information Age where things move at the speed of light.

Paper, however, does not move at the speed of light (using paper to manage information is like riding horse on a busy freeway).

Plus, paper is expensive to print and store. You can’t back it up. And it tends to catch fire.

PDFs can make your life easier

PDFs are the perfect paper-substitute in the Information Age. Think of PDFs as digital paper.

So how do you learn to use PDFs to be more organized, more efficient, and less frazzled?

Well for starters, you don’t need to be a techno-geek or computer nerd. You just have to want a more organized work life.

I can show you, step-by-step, how to convert those stacks of paper heaped on your desk into searchable PDFs. How to organize them, and how to get to them easily—from anywhere.

None of this hard. You simply build on things you already know.

You already know what a PDF is, right? And you  know how to open a PDF, and navigate from page to page, right? Great, you’re almost halfway there.

Build a few more simple skills, so you can handle PDFs the way you handle paper (minus the paper cuts and spontaneous combustion).

Here are key skills that you can easily learn:

  • How to insert new pages into a PDF, extract pages, or reorder them
  • How to rotate pages, or zoom in on small text
  • How to search for text in a PDF or batch of PDFs
  • How to redact sensitive information you produce in discovery
  • How to tag key pages, and label them so you can quickly find them later
  • How to  highlight important text passages
  • How to place small sticky notes in the margins to capture key thoughts
  • How to bates-stamp or bates-number PDF pages, quickly and easily

Here’s the thing: the more you do with PDFs, the less paper pushing you’ll have to do. Your desk will be clean and orderly. And your stress level will go down, because you can easily find any document you need instantly. Even when you’re not in the office.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Just learn the basic PDF skills in a slow, steady manner following the simple path I’ll prescribe. In a short while you’ll be working with PDFs as easily as you use paper. Ready to see the roadmap?

Your PDF training class starts today!

  1. Sign up now and you’ll get a 1 page cheat sheet of key PDF skills, and keyboard shortcuts. Print it out and keep it on your desk to help you learn the core skills more quickly.
  2. You’ll learn which scanner is the clear leader for law offices.
  3. You’ll receive the best tips from my PDF Guidebook (posted here on the blog for free).
  4. Once a month you’ll get new PDF tips, practical advice on how to do things easier, faster, and better.

My #1 goal is to help you be more efficient, and less frazzled. I’ve helped hundreds of other lawyers, and I can help you too.

What are you waiting for? The Information Age is here, and PDF skills the best way to remain calm and in control.