This site is merging into PaperlessChase.com

In a few weeks, this site and all of its content will be merged into PaperlessChase.com. Doing this will be good for you, and good for me (Ernie Svenson, the lawyer responsible for all the pixels you see on this site).

I’ve managed PDF for Lawyers since its inception. I also run PaperlessChase, which has become my main focus. Anyway, keeping one site updated with useful content is a challenge, but keeping two updated is just too much for one person. So, that’s one reason for the change.

But the BIGGEST REASON is this: there is no point to have two sites, when there is so much overlap in what each site is trying to do.

PDF information is crucial for lawyers learning how to shed paper so they can be more efficient. And if you have PDF skills, you might as well learn how to manage more of your office documents in that form, and shed paper.

Bottom line: PaperlessChase will now focus heavily on PDFs. 

I’m sure you’ll appreciate what’s going happen over at PaperlessChase.

For starters, I’ll be releasing a great PDF resource in a few weeks, and folks on the PaperlessChase email list will be the first to know and get a special deal.

So, you should click on the link below to make sure you don’t miss out

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